Item 1 Description

Item 1 Description

Item 1 Description

LAN and WAN Infrastructure

Out Side and Inside Plant Construction

Wireless networks

Pabx systems


Bilionetworks was established in 2013 with a vision of providing a complete cabling solution and support
service for the telecommunications and networking LAN infrastructure to meet the changing
communication needs of any orginasation.The company hasgrown to offer a range of ICT products and

Mission Statement

Bilionetworks strives to provide a standard of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers in
the information technology and telecommunications industry with the use of quality products supported
with ongoing customer care.

To be a sought-after employer admired for its fairness to clients, staff, the community and other

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We offer broadband network developers a comprehensive turnkey service covering all aspects of civil and cable requirements for the establishment of a fibre infrastructure network.